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Fernando Correa

Cotacachi, Ecuador

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Who I Am and What I Do

Who I Am and What I Do


I am an architect born in Quito who currently lives and works in the small city of Cotacachi in the province of Imbabura.  I moved  because I really enjoy being in a friendly and hospitable city, close to the countryside.  Living here allows me to live a peaceful and simple life. And this community gives me the opportunity to offer my knowledge and professional skills to its residents, both natives and foreigners.


My education started in the city of Geneva, Switzerland. I returned to Ecuador to continue studies in Quito. I studied architecture at the Central University of Ecuador, and I did a master's degree at the Catholic University of Louvain in Belgium.  I speak Spanish, French and English.


For me architectural design is a rewarding process of working  together with the client to bring our common ideas from design to construction. I also enjoy remodeling or expanding a building so that its owner or occupant obtains a more suitable space to satisfy their needs.


I have worked on all kinds of projects be they residential or commercial.  I mostly identify with the design and construction of rustic or country-style houses, in which I use materials that go hand in hand with the environment, (brick, tile, wood, stone),  I always try to take advantage of the natural characteristics of the materials and surroundings to create a personal, natural and undeniably warm style. I have also designed and remodeled contemporary and modern style homes.

I consider it necessary that during the first steps or meetings that we will have to start the design of your project, that we can meet and speak freely about your aspirations, needs, preferences, doubts, and more. For this we will organize meetings in which in an open conversation you will indicate these points to me. If possible, an outline or some preliminary strokes of your ideas can help you discover your interests and put them on paper.

After this first phase, it is important to know the terrain in which the project will be implemented. In this visit we will be able to identify characteristics of the lot, views, orientation, winds, accessibility, neighborhood, etc. Elements that must be considered in the design. It is important to ask the Municipality for the official document in which we are indicated which are the implementation regulations to fully know what the municipality allows to build in the sector, taking into account heights, withdrawals, areas, etc. to be respected. Subsequently, it will present design options in which together with the owners we will correct changing until the project meets the needs and tastes of the owner.

Once the preliminary project is finished, we will proceed to make the final plans, in which we work on what is related to the final details. Once the architectural project has been defined, with the participation of a civil engineer, we will work on the design and structural calculation of the work. Finally, the final plans and the necessary documentation are submitted to the Municipality to obtain the approval of the project and be ready for the start of construction.

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New Construction


Cotacachi Home

This home exemplifies the importance of materials to create a spirit of tranquility, comfort and warmth.   As you enter the home you are struck by the magnitude of exposed brick, natural wood, tile, its majestic wooden structure, its natural and ancient stone elements (bases, tiers) natural granite counters, volcanic stone,  and the large windows that highlight the presence and the beauty of Imbabura and Cotacachi.  Open porches welcome and allow the full integration of its inhabitants into their gardens, all which were important details fulfilled by the use of materials, location and design.


Weekend Home


This small rustic-style house, with natural elements and materials, brick, wood, stone, tile, stoneware integrate the surrounding nature with the open spaces of the house.

The initial idea was to be a place where the residents take advantage of the opportunity to enjoy the countryside.  Therefore the kitchen, fireplace room, bread oven and barbecue area are integrated and located in a large porch that welcomes its visitors.  This home became a place to enjoy a country house away from the big city.

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Recent Remodels


Penthouse Remodel

An apartment owner of a top floor building decided to increase the value and comfort of his property by expanding the living room and study area and further highlight the beauty of its location. An inaccessible waterproofed roof was placed in the extension, supported by a metal structure duly calculated and designed for this purpose.  New larger and modern windows, window sills covered with exclusive ceramic material, new ceilings and lighting fixtures and modern furniture all work together to enhance and update the property.


Kitchen Remodel

This remodeling project had two objects: create a kitchen with more American style functionality and update the living area with a modern contemporary design and materials.  Initially, the house featured a stoneware floor, a brick fireplace and kitchen furniture made of wood and traditional colors. The  floor was changed to a light gray wood porcelain tile, which goes hand in hand with new gray tones of the walls and furniture. The old fireplace was replaced with an electric one,  The kitchen remodeling included lacquered wood furniture with modern accessories, an extractor hood, dishwasher, and condiment rack all which brought more functionality to the space.


Second Floor Addition

Initially this house consisted of a single floor, implanted in a small lot near Cotacachi.

The owners acquired the adjoining lot and sought to remodel the first floor and  build a second floor.  For this, the respective plans and structural additions were begun.  During construction, the existing structural elements were maintained and reinforced, increasing the section of columns and beams.

The second floor is supported on a reinforced concrete beam covered aesthetically with metal sheets,  wooden joists on which a wooden plank decking has been placed, a structure that supports a metal deck that houses a concrete slab. It is worth highlighting the exposed and lying structure of Colorado wood that gave a very striking character to the house. The side enclosed stairway illuminated by skylights  provides light and warmth to the house. 

Home: Projects

Projects of all Sizes


Bamboo Closure

My client wanted a substantial bamboo wall on the street side of his new home. To do this large bamboo poles were dried in the oven and immunized. To protect against soil moisture, a stone wall has been built, with reinforced concrete columns, which includes a lower mooring chain and, in the upper part, a reinforced tile covered with tile.It is worth highlighting the use of the different textures and colors of the materials used in this enclosure  was a first in the city of Cotacachi.


Polycarbonate Terrace

My clients wanted to increase the use and comfort of the upper terrace of their condominium. The metal structure is anchored to the upper slab and supports the arched roof of this modern and bright translucent material.  It is worth mentioning that to guarantee the longevity of the material and avoid all types of leaks, the alveolar polycarbonate sheets have been placed without perforating the plates.

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